Galaxy 16 Vertical Plot - Wideband
Posted by - NA - on 17 November 2009 05:00 PM

This is a plot showing nearly all of the C-band Vertical downlink polarity of the Galaxy 16 satellite. All channels, including the GDMX digital C-band carriers can be seen on a spectrum analyzer (set at 550MHz frequency span). This signal should be fed to PORT A of the MagnuBox to receive PitchBlue content. It shows good signal levels and carrier to noise separation. Some slope is not unusual on the "haystack" shaped signal due to longer cable runs. However, it can negatively effect the quality of the data transmitted if the amount of slope is too great. Problems due to data quality (signal reception) can be reflected in poor Eb/NO readings.

 G16-V-550MHz_mls.jpg (109.73 KB)