Find your missing show(s) contact information
Posted by on 17 October 2013 12:24 PM

For content related, non-technical, questions please use the table listed below to find your show, and then contact the appropriate syndicator using the e-mail address provided below:


CBS Domestic Television


Warner Bros




20th TV and MyNet



Show Title Show Code Syndicator
Volume 40 40 WB
Volume 41 41 WB
Family Guy AC 20th TV
Affiliiate Promos/Ad Partners AF CWD
Andy Griffith Show AG CWD
Access AH NBC Universal
American Dad AJ 20th TV
Bones AK 20th TV
America's Heartland AM PMI
Ad Partners AP CWD
Animal Rescue AR PMI
Access Live AV NBC Universal
America Ninja Warrior AW 20th TV
Balancing Act BA PMI
Big Bang Theory BB WB
Black College Quiz BC PMI
Business First w/ Angela Miles BF PMI
Two Broke Girls BG WB
Biz Kids BK PMI
Bones (MyNet) BN 20th TV
Bob's Burgers BO 20th TV
Bachelor in Paradise BP WB
Blue Bloods BU CWD
Babe Winkelman BW PMI
Coffee with America CA PMI
Café Con America CC PMI
The Cleveland Show CD 20th TV
Crime Watch Daily CI WB
Criminal Minds CM CWD
Machinery Pete TV CO CWD
Century Premiere II CP 20th TV
Cops Reloaded CR 20th TV
Century 21 CY 20th TV
Dont Blink DB PMI
Divorce Court DC 20th TV
Dragonfly TV DF PMI
Dateline DL 20th TV
DailyMailTV DM CWD
Dish Nation DN 20th TV
Dr. Phil DP CWD
Doctors, The DR CWD
Designing Spaces DS PMI
Dog Tales DT PMI
Ellen DeGeneres ED WB
Everybody Loves Raymond EL CWD
Elizabeth Stanton Great Big World ES PMI
Entertainment Tonight ET CWD
Extra EX WB
Elementary EY CWD
Modern Family FA 20th TV
Various FC CWD
X-Files (MyNet) FI 20th TV
50Plus Prime FP PMI
Matter of Fact FT Sony
Frasier FZ CWD
The Goldbergs GB Sony
Great Big World GW PMI
Hot Bench HB CWD
Ron Hazelton House Calls HC CWD
Hiring America HI PMI
Honeymooners HM CWD
Hollywood News Report HN PMI
Happi House HP PMI
Hollywood Uncut HU PMI
Hawaiian Marlin Challenge HW PMI
Harry HY NBC Universal
Inside Edition IE CWD
Island House Invitational Triathalon IH CWD
Blackberry Farm Pro AM Classic IR CWD
Judge Alex JA 20th TV
The James Brown Show JB CWD
Jeopardy JE CWD
Judge Judy JJ CWD
Judge Mathis JM WB
King of the Hill KH 20th TV
Law and Order Criminal Intent (CI) LC 20th TV
How I Met Your Mother LH 20th TV
Laura McKenzie's Traveler LM PMI
Law & Order SVU LO 20th TV
I Love Lucy LU CWD
Madam Secretary MA CWD
Major Crimes MC WB
Moms Everyday ME PMI
Mr. Food MF CWD
Military Makeover ML PMI
Mike & Molly MM WB
X-Files Weekend MN 20th TV
Missing MS PMI
NCSI: New Orleans NO CWD
CSI: New York NY CWD
Outdoor America OA PMI
Open House OH NBC Universal
Our World with Black Enterprise OW PMI
Pacific Blues PB PMI
People's Court PC WB
Positively Paula PD CWD
Page 6 PG 20th TV
Person of Interest PI WB
PMI Specials PM PMI
Raceline RA PMI
Real Green RG PMI
Raising Hope RH 20th TV
Crime Strike RK PMI
The Real RL WB
Right This Minute RM PMI
Outdoor America - Raised Hunting RN PMI
Rules of Engagement Promos RP Sony
Rachel Ray RR CWD
Rules of Engagement RU Sony
The Raw Word RW PMI
Rizzoli and Isles RZ WB
Saving Hope SH CWD
Sounds of Summer SM PMI
The Simpsons SP 20th TV
Syndistro Test Feeds SS 20th TV
Star Trek: The Next Generation ST CWD
Summer in America SU PMI
The Game TG CWD
Think Big TK PMI
Two and a Half Men TM WB
Top 30 TO 20th TV
Last Man Standing TP 20th TV
Today's Homeowner TW PMI
Texas County Reporter TX CWD
US Farm Report US CWD
Vigor Test VT VIGOR
Wheel of Fortune WH CWD
Wheel/Jeopardy Promos WJ CWD
Three Wide Life WL PMI
Wild America WM PMI
Women of Power WP PMI
Whacked Out Sports WS PMI
Whacked out Videos WV PMI
Xterra XT CWD

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