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Multi-Channel Surround Audio Encoding Change: January 9, 2016

What to Expect

20th Century Television, CBS and Deluxe/GDMX are changing how multi-channel surround audio is delivered in PitchBlue programs on January 9, 2016. Dolby AAC will replace Dolby E as the multi-channel surround audio encoding standard for PitchBlue delivered content. Please note that this change could affect your station’s workflows.

To be fully prepared for these changes, review the items listed below:

  1. Verify you have the right software version on your PitchBlue server.
  2. What to expect if you have an older model of PitchBlue server (MBO1 or 1H4).
  3. Content will have AAC instead of Dolby-E (AAC - LC)
  4. Playback of audio can now provide you with fully decoded AAC 5.1 surround sound.
  5. New directory structure for FTP for AAC content (please make sure you update your transcoders).
  6. Your PitchBlue server will separate old and new content on the content pages.
  7. AFD information will sometimes be used in content, especially from 20th Century Television. This means that the same program will contain a mix of elements that should be scaled according to centercut or letterbox.
  8. Reach out to your workflow vendor for automation system upgrades to support PitchBlue.

FOR MORE DETAILS, PLEASE READ THE PDF LOCATED HERE: PitchBlue Update - Multi-Channel Surround Audio Encoding Change

Thank you for your support,

Creator of PitchBlue® 


You do not need to wait until the transmission switch to prepare for the changes. 

Your server has test content in your directories.


     PitchBlue Update - Multi-Channel Surround Audio Encoding Change

 Concerns or questions?

Vigor’s PitchBlue Operational Service Center is ready to help.

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Or call:

+1 (866) 437-BLUE
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