RF Questionnaire
Posted by on 22 July 2016 09:17 AM

I am going to provide the RF questionnaire to you below so we can attempt to identify potential issues within the RF environment at your station. Historically, this has been the quickest route to resolution for potential station RF issues. Please provide detailed answers to the following questions.


1. What size is the dish? Make/Model?

2. Is the dish solid/segmented/mesh?

3. Is the dish agile or static?

4. Does this dish have multiple RF sources (e.g. multiple LNB's)?

5. Is the LNB of interest Phase-lock looped?

6. Please provide the LNB make/model?

7. What is providing power to the LNB of interest?

8. Do you have a TI filter installed (incl. model, if known)?

9. Describe the cable run(s) originating from the dish and terminating at the server (type, length, impedance, routed aerial or underground, etc)?

10. Describe the make/model of any splitters/switches (how many ports, frequencies)?

11. What type of connectors are you using (crimp or compression and age)?

12. Are all of the F-connectors tightened?

13. Is there any noticeable damage anywhere on the line (cable, connectors, splitters)?

14. Are there any signs of water seeping into any connections?

15. Is there anything close to the dish (e.g. tower, air conditioner, microwave dish, other dishes, air compressor, anything in the line of sight)?

16. What steps have been taken so far to resolve the issue or what has already been replaced?

17. Any additional information that you feel would be helpful?