MagnuBox® Error Code Listing - 2018-10-01 Edition
Posted by Marc Drazin on 02 October 2018 07:11 AM
UI Display Vigor Status Show code Rec. code Description
Idle Idle 0 n/a Waiting to be scheduled
Scheduled Scheduled 1 n/a Scheduled to record
Recording Recording 2 n/a Currently recording
Repair Repair 3 n/a Marked for repair
Detecting Processing 4 n/a File is committed and awaiting detection by MediaTracker
Complete-Verified Complete-Verified 5 n/a File is complete and has no errors
Ignored Ignored 6 n/a Formatsheet is not subscribed (should never be displayed)
Local Failure Expired Expired 7 n/a Schedule arrived after start time, or satellite signal lost when trying to schedule
In Progress Cancelled 8 n/a Show was cancelled before feed time
Xmit Fail Abort-Cut 9 n/a Number of segments in file did not equal 2
Xmit Fail Abort-Duration 10 n/a Actual media length was more than 60 seconds different from formatsheet length
Local Failure Reception Abort-Network 11 n/a Failed to start / signal missing,corrupt?
Local Failure Reception Abort-NoPlay 12 n/a MediaTracker returns a status other than "detected" or excessive PID-Verify errors
In Progress Abort-Annul 13 n/a Entire sheet was cancelled before feed time
Revoked Abort-Cancelled 14 n/a Schedule cancelled during recording
Revoked Abort-Revoke 15 n/a Schedule cancelled after recording has completed
Error(16000) Abort-Other 16 n/a Major internal error - should not happen
Error(16001) Abort-Other (Write) 16 1 Disk write error during recording, no file will be created.
Error(16002) Abort-Other (Read) 16 2  Disk read error during recording, no file will be created.
Error(16003) Abort-Other (Create) 16 3 Create file failed during recording, no file will be created.
Error(16004) Abort-Other (FailSt) 16 4 Same as Abort-Network.
Local Failure - NoLoc Abort-Other (NoLoc) 16 5 Media storage not found, probably a problem with the registry.
Xmit Fail Abort-Other (NoSeg) 16 6 No recorded file segments found.
Xmit Fail Abort-Other (SegErr) 16 7 Error(s) found during recording.
Local Failure Interrupted Abort-Other (Cancld) 16 8 The recording was cancelled, this will happen if the server is rebooted during recording
Local Failure Reception Abort-Other (Parsng) 16 9 Failed to parse recorded file during commit.
Error(16010) Abort-Other (Intrnl) 16 10 A problem occurred internally during recording.
Local Failure Reception Abort-Other (TooSeg) 16 11 More than a 100-record file segment was created.
Error(16012) Abort-Other (Severe) 16 12 Satellite interference is too high for feed to be completed via repair data packets.
Error(16013) Abort-Other (Com/Er) 16 13 File recording has completed, with errors present in the file (verification did not pass).
Complete Complete 17 n/a Complete with errors present (not verified)
Recorded Recorded 18 n/a Recording has finished as is awaiting commit
Committing Committing 19 n/a Media is being committed to disk
Committed Committed 20 n/a Media has finished being commited and is awaiting detection
Local Failure Interrupted Record Timeout 21 n/a Recording timed out (unexpected termination of recording)
Error(22000) Commit Timeout 22 n/a Commit process is taking longer than expected
Error(23000) Detect Timeout 23 n/a Media detection is taking longer than expected

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